Hornsby piano tutor FAQ

I am looking for sydney north shore piano tutor, Do I need a Piano To start learning Piano ?  

Off course it is better to start on a Standard Acoustic or Digital Piano as the keys are heavier with a kind of resistancy feel,   helping you in getting a better feel and touch of playing piano from the very first session. However it doesn’t mean that you can't start learning without having a piano , a keyboard will suffice to start with, you can always upgrade to a Digital Piano or a vertical Acoustic piano  at a later stage.


What ages do you teach piano ?

There is no age limit to start learning piano . I have had students from the ages of 6 to 58 years old, it is all about how serious and enthusiastic you are, also as a piano teacher, I always strive to improve my teaching techniques for different ages with different methods, in order to bring out the best in the student to help them achieve what they want in a good timeframe.


Do you Teach in Group of 2 or 3 ?


My experience shows that it is not possible to teach a group of people simultaneously and expecting them to become good. Every individual is different, and so each one needs to be instructed and attended to individually. This is the only way we can make sure each student is getting really good quality piano lessons.

In case if you have 2 or 3 children that would like to take piano lessons, I recommend to dedicate 30 minutes to each one individually, instead of teaching them as a group.

How long and How often are the lessons ?

You should take piano lessons  at least once a week ,

( same time and day every week when it is possible )

For children under the age of 7 ,  30 minutes per session

older than age of 7 a 60 minute lesson is recommended

for adults , experience has shown that  those who are taking 60-90 minutes per session  improve much more than those  taking shorter session classes


Can we have the lessons on Saturdays or Sundays?

Sure , we can always arrange to have your piano lessons at any day of the week based on the time table  availability

Can we arrange our lessons at my own place?

No, unfortunately i do not have enough time to travel to my students places.    


Do you Teach during School Holidays ?

Yes, I believe for someone who is learning piano it is important to keep taking classes continuously through out the year unless he/she would like to have for a trip. It is not really a good idea to take apart from your piano teacher  for weeks! So I try my best to have my students keep practicing and taking lessons every week as long as possible

Do you provide Books, note book, music sheets?

Yes and no, usually based on your age and goals I will tell you which books and music sheets to buy and you should purchase them before your practice and lessons , however sometimes again base on the ability and the method I use, I will provide  music sheets to work on


Can you help us to choose and buy a proper Piano or Digital Piano ?

Yes off course , during the last 10 years I have always tried to help my students buy  a proper Piano based on their age and level of playing. I also will help you to be able to buy second hand Pianos without any worry and being confident that the piano purchased will meet your needs for the required period before you need to get upgrade


My Studio is located at Hornsby NSW 2077 

Phone :  0433356103

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